Transfer hotel-pharmacy-hotel

While on vacation, you do not always want to waste precious time looking for a pharmacy and transport, but it is still planned to buy medicines from Egypt.

For your maximum comfort, we have organized a free transfer service from the hotel to the pharmacy and back.



Ordering the service is extremely simple:
  • write to us on Viber +2 (010) 278-99-533
  • inform the hotel where you are staying and the time convenient for you
  • tell how many people are planning to go with you (there are four passenger seats in the car)
  • at the set time, you will have to wait outside the hotel gate (outside the gate, as a rule, outsiders are not allowed)
  • we will immediately inform you which car will come for you.
  • after shopping in our pharmacy, we will take you back to the hotel.
Important to note:
  • transfer is a free service, the minimum purchase amount is $30 (500£)
  • it is necessary to order a transfer in advance (1-2 days before the planned trip)

Our hotline
+2 (010) 278-99-533

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